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how to embed

Download the clock. If it's not done automatically, unstuff it (probably with doubleclick). Move the unstuffed clock ('oval_clock_mentalmove.swf') into the same folder as your html-site. The code to embed can be found by clicking 'Get Code'. Copy the code to any place between the <body> and </body> - tags. You can change the size of your clock later; for to make more changes take the SVG-Clock (described page left). Send questions to 'feedback(at)', or to the BlogSpace: ''.
Have fun with the right time!

This clock with transparent background, programmed using Flash, should work on most Computer-Systems (tested on Windows and MacOS with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome). Flash doesn't allow developers to change the look or the functions - for to create an individual clock you should take the SVG-Version of a clock with similar appearance.
If you like to, download it and embed it into your page; click on 'Get Code' and read the instructions in the right to get further information.
More virtual toys with or without purpose can be found in the upper right corner ('Widgets').